socking it to stomach problems

socking it to stomach problems
Posted by on Aug 28 2012

When it comes to eating challenges, there are few things that Rhino can’t stomach. His pet parent Phil, though, would beg to differ.

Two days after Thanksgiving, Rhino decided to help himself to some leftovers of a different sort: namely two pairs of socks and a pair of underwear. His unusual choice of chow landed him in the vet’s office – and later on the surgeon’s table – when the ingested clothing caused a blockage in his intestines. Two years later, he decided to eat the feet off his plastic crate, resulting in another trip to the vet and the unexpected discovery of bladder stones.

“We’ve learned that he’ll eat basically anything you leave on the ground,” reflects his dad, Phil. He once tried to eat a battery because I was holding it in my hand. But the bladder stones were a complete surprise. His behavior never changes, and when he’s sick it’s hard to tell.”

Despite his tummy troubles, Rhino has proven that you can’t keep a good (bull)dogge down.

“He looks tough, but he’s really a sweetheart. I don’t know that I could have another dog after him,” admits Phil. “He’s that special.”

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$2,252 for gastroenteritis, bladder stones and foreign body ingestion

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