stop and go

stop and go
Posted by on Dec 28 2016

Tessa’s the dog who eats the carrot nose off the snowman (no really, that happened!), and she has more energy than you can shake a snowman’s arm at. “Anyone who’s had a German Shorthaired Pointer knows the joke that they slow down two years after they’re gone,” laughs mom Dagmar. But a small bump suddenly put a stop in Tessa’s go.

“It popped up out of nowhere,” says Dagmar. “I couldn’t make any sense of it.” A biopsy identified it as a mast cell tumor — luckily, Tessa’s vet removed it all. But when Dagmar felt another bump a few months later, she thought “Oh, here we go.” This time it came back as a cyst, and since its removal Tessa has returned to her wild ways.


8-year-old german shorthaired pointer


lives in

Athens, GA


unexpected tail

$763 for tumor, $307 for cys