taking the fall

taking the fall
Posted by on Feb 16 2012

They say two heads are better than one, and when you happen upon two-year-old rescued Tuxedo cat, Felix, and his twin brother, Oscar, that’s exactly what you’ll find. “They love to sleep on each other,” laughs their pet dad, Chris. “They look like a giant ball of fur with two heads.”

They may be twins, but when mischief abounds, it’s Felix that Chris and Katie go looking for first. “He’s definitely the more curious one.” Luckily, neither Felix nor his shyer brother Oscar (who happily let his brother steal the spotlight in this photo shoot) has developed any serious health problems. Yet. Still, they’ve had their scares. “Felix decided to jump from the banister down a flight of stairs. We were worried at first that he might have broken a leg.

At the end of the day, Chris is happy that they had the foresight to protect them both with Petplan. “Thankfully, Felix was fine after his fall. But for me and Katie, knowing we could afford to get him help, no matter what the cost, took a lot of the worry out of a stressful situation.”

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$850 for x-rays and observation if felix falls from grace

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