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toying with trouble

When the dog’s away the cat will play… especially with the dog’s toys!

When pet parent Lauren came home one afternoon from walking Aurora, her nine-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever, she found a rope toy frayed to bits. The prime suspect? Her one-year-old kitty, Olivia. “She’s always been a bit of a chewer,” recalls Lauren, who has lost more than one pair of ear buds to her kitty’s curious taste. “But a dog toy? That was a new one.” A few hours later, Olivia began vomiting up bits of fiber and refused her evening meal, a sure sign something was amiss. After no signs of improvement the next morning, a trip to the vet was in order.

X-rays at the local emergency vet revealed strings from the toy stuck in Olivia’s intestines, requiring immediate surgery to remove. “I was so scared for her,” admits Lauren. “She’s a tough kitty, but still.” Thankfully, surgery was successful and the recovery — both from the operation and from the big vet bill as a result — was quick, thanks to Olivia's cat insurance from Petplan.

pet parent
lauren grant

unexpected tail
$4,850 for surgery to remove a linear foreign body

lives in
havertown, pa

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