treading water

treading water
Posted by on May 25 2012

An unexpected pet health problem can force any family to tread water, a feeling the Pearls know all too well. This past November, while Jodi was pregnant with twin boys, their fur-kid, Dave, suffered his second ruptured intervertebral disc in two years. For Todd, it was a feeling he’d hoped to forget. “The first surgery was so intense,” recalls Todd. “He had a huge zipper down his entire spine because they had to fix three discs.”

With the family about to expand, they faced a similar scenario once again. “He’s our first child, so to see him in pain was heartbreaking,” says Todd.

Despite their best efforts to ease Dave’s pain, nothing seemed to help, not even acupuncture treatments. The Pearls had no choice but to send Dave back under the knife.

Just days after Dave’s surgery, the Pearls received a check from Petplan reimbursing them over $6,000. And happily, Dave has made a full recovery. “We couldn’t believe how taken care of we felt by Petplan,” says Todd. “There’s a lot of heart to this company.”

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