trouble comes in pairs

trouble comes in pairs
Posted by on May 24 2011

Just ask Zabka and Sophie, four-legged play pals. One afternoon, a game of fetch accidentally knocked a bottle of ibuprofen to the ground. Unfortunately, the misplaced bottle went unnoticed. That is until Zabka’s and Sophie’s moms returned to the house after a short shopping trip and discovered the bottle ripped open and missing eight pills. Zabka’s pet parent, Anja, was shocked. “Zabka is normally so sweet and quiet. I guess when she’s with Sophie they become partners in crime.” Anja consulted the poison control hotline and despite showing no signs of illness, they recommended both dogs be brought to the ER for immediate care. Unsure of which dog ate the pills, both had to be hooked up to IVs to flush their kidneys, just in case. The emergency treatment saved Zabka and Sophie, but cost both sets of pet parents over $1,000 each. Anja, who protected Zabka with Petplan, was reimbursed most of her bill. Unfortunately, Sophie wasn’t protected with Petplan, and so her mom had to pay the whole bill herself. “We are very good about keeping things from our dogs,” recalls Anja. “In this case, it was simply an accident that the pills got knocked to the ground where the dogs could reach them. Thank goodness for pet insurance.”

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