worth the trouble

worth the trouble
Posted by on Sep 25 2015

Aurora is every bit as bold as she is beautiful. “Little White” is the ringleader of mischief to her four feline siblings. “If our bedroom door is shut, she’ll literally use her head to get it open,” says mom Cathy. “Then our other cats go in and drag everything around.”

But mischief also tends to find Aurora in the form of health cat-astrophes, including a kidney infection that she almost didn’t recover from. After several trips to a number of vets, who all recommended euthanasia, Aurora pulled through as if nothing ever happened. “She’s definitely down a few of her nine lives,” Cathy says, “but that doesn’t stop her from finding trouble.”

11-year-old siamese mix

lives in
glassboro, nj

unexpected tail
$1,200 for treatment of a kidney infection