on wounded knee

on wounded knee
Posted by on May 24 2011

Who would ever look at this face and think “nightmare?” Well, probably nobody except D’Artagnan’s orthopedic surgeon. There are some things they might expect from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Charming personality? (Check). Extremely affectionate and loving? (Check.) A double knee operation? (No check.) Cavaliers are prone to a long list of hereditary illnesses including heart, eye and, yes, knee diseases. So, when he started to limp, his parents with their keen sense of “uh oh” took him to the vet immediately. While it wasn’t really a surprise that his exam and x-rays revealed that he had a luxating patella (an inherited disease of the knee joint), the double surgery required to fix it and the $5,746 bill were a little more on the shocking side! Of course Petplan was there to help manage the financial damage so his parents could focus on him. Nightmare over? (Check)

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