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  • “tails”
             from fetch!

  • tails-of-the-unexpected
Our pets' ability to triumph in the face of unexpected adversity is nothing short of inspiring. Petplan is proud to help protect these, and all the members of our Petplan family, come what may.
  • growing up fast

    When life gives you “lemons,” you do everything you can to keep their health sweet...

  • back in action

    Sickness can buzz even the cutest of puppies, including the all-ears Corgi, Martha. At a few m...

  • delivering a miracle

    The best four-legged mothers are selfless, steady and strong. A flourishing field dog turned puppy par...

  • sibling squabbles

    A home is a place filled with love, comfort and the occasional sibling squabble — especially if that home is ...

  • raisin trouble

    When Tim and Michelle brought Clyde into their new house, it became a home. He arrived just in time to spread cheer...

  • a curious tail

    Not all cats who wander are lost — some are just curious! Take Milo, for example, whose frightened escape spi...

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