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Dr. Ernie Ward, Jr., DVM
Veterinarian, Author and Owner of Seaside Animal Care, North Carolina

Today our pets mean more to us than ever before and naturally, we want to offer them the best levels of care. Fortunately, veterinary medicine has kept pace with the advances of human medicine - our pets have access to many of the same diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures that we have. However, with these lifesaving breakthroughs comes an increase in the cost of veterinary care.

As a doctor, providing the best veterinary care for my patients is my guiding principle. Petplan allows me to pursue the latest innovations in medicine to provide pets with the very best care, without worrying about whether the pet owner can afford it. Petplan pet insurance provides a straightforward, concise insurance program which offers pet owners great value that ultimately helps their pets thrive well into old age.

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