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Tamar Geller
Best-selling author and founder of The Loved DogTM Center

I think everyone should have pet health insurance! I experienced firsthand how expensive it can be when a pet gets ill or is injured.  Years ago, my dog, Duke, was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia – an autoimmune disease which results in the premature destruction of red blood cells. Thankfully, I have been fortunate enough to never have to compromise my pet’s health care treatment because of cost.

The best thing is, now that all my pets, Clyde, Cricket and G-Ma, are insured with Petplan, I am 100% confident I will always be able to follow my vet’s recommendations for my pets’ health.

I feel so strongly that Petplan offers the best protection for our pets, that we actually insure the dogs at The Loved Dog rescue and in our Operation Heroes and Hounds program. By insuring the dogs we rescue and rehabilitate, not only are we adding to their adoptability, but we are helping ensure the newly adoptive pet parents, who are all military veterans, will have financial peace of mind in what is a critical time of transition all!

policies by AGCS Marine Insurance Company, an Allianz company

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