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Thanks for sniffing us out online for this month’s downloadable health tip.

Cheers to another year of good health for your pet! To help your pet feel his best in 2015, make good nutrition your first resolution. In this month’s Health Tip, we talk about the best foods to fight inflammation, boost cognitive function and even ease allergies – plus we tell you how to make a tasty treat your furry friend will “roll over” for!

Did You Know?

  • There’s a lot more info in our Gourmet issue of fetch! Use our handy e-reader for the dish on decoding pet food labels, the latest research on pet obesity, understanding pets’ dietary needs and more.
  • Adding nutritional supplements to your pet’s health plan can help keep your best friend’s senses sharp well into their golden years. Supplements to consider include Omega-3’s and Coenzyme Q10, which help reduce inflammation and enhance brain power. Read more recommendations from Dr. Ernie Ward on our Vets for Pets blog and ask your veterinarian which supplements might be right for your four-legged love.
  • Are raw food diets healthy for pets? Dr. Kim Smyth (and the FDA) weigh in on the safety of one of the newest food trends on the Vets for Pets blog.

January is Train Your Dog Month!
Could your furry friend benefit from a little behavioral boot camp? If minding manners is on your wish list this year, we’ve got a whole lot of tips and advice for you on the Vets for Pets blog. Here are two potentially life-saving commands to start with:

Leave It
A reliable “leave it!” can save your dog from ingesting poisons or eating things that can cause gastrointestinal upset – or worse – stomach or bowel perforation. It can also keep him out of trouble if he comes nose to nose with a raccoon or other wildlife, keep him away from indoor hazards like lit candles and save him from lapping up spilled liquids that can make him sick.

When your dog has mastered the “come” command, it can save him from wandering off and getting lost, running into traffic, stepping into a bear trap – all sorts of situations that could spell disaster.

Learn how to teach “leave it” and “come” on the blog!

Click here to download the recipe card for Salmon Rollovers

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