Petplan presents our shelter partner, Humane Society of Tampa Bay. As the pet insurance brand that shelters trust, we’re proud to highlight the important work they do for animals. 

Around 300 dogs, cats, rabbits and even guinea pigs comfortably live in the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s (HSTB) 50,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art shelter at one time. “There's glass everywhere, there’s sunshine coming in because we’re the sunshine state,” Sherry Silk, CEO of HSTB said. “This is so beneficial to the animals. We have classical or jazz music pumped around the shelter, which we know is calming to the animals.”

When an animal stays at HSTB’s shelter, their comfort is a priority. The facility’s design helps, but the human-animal connection goes a long way, too. HSTB offers a Paws for Literacy initiative that lets kids read to shelter pets. Plus, the shelter has an education wing devoted to “raising that next generation to appreciate the good care that animals need.” Kids ages 5 to 12 come to Critter Camps for 10 weeks to learn how to be better pet parents. 

HSTB’s incredible care and services wouldn’t be possible without their 50 full-time staff members. But, Sherry also acknowledged the impactful work that their 400 active volunteers do. “They're doing at least one thing for us every single month, and that ranges from preparing the food for the animals, walking our dogs, working on behavior issues with our dogs or cuddling and socializing the cats,” Sherry said. “We simply would not be able to do it without our volunteers.”

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In February 2020, HSTB took its long-term pet care commitment a step further by partnering with Petplan. “People need that help, especially when it's an unexpected expense,” Sherry said. “The average person just doesn't have that money set aside, we find in our hospital. So, we are thrilled to offer affordable pet insurance to our adopters.”

It’s Petplan’s love and understanding of shelter work that attracted HSTB to this partnership. “Petplan gives back to the shelter, which is great. We're a nonprofit and have to raise every dime that we get,” Sherry said. 

Petplan and HSTB believe that animal health should always come first, and pet insurance is a way to ensure that. That’s why HSTB spokespeople went on their local television station show to tell the community how it benefits pet parents. “We've talked about the kickoff of Petplan insurance and how valuable it is so that people hear about it before they come in to adopt,” Sherry said. 

If you’re looking to join the HTSB community, there are several ways you can help the animals. For more information about our shelter partner, visit their website

Jul 26, 2021

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