This week, the team continued to focus on stabilization while improving for the future. Here’s an overview of our progress milestones for this week: 

  • We‚Äôre working through strategic improvements on our claims communication, including email content and adding SMS features.
  • Our product team is working on a chatbot replacement for Leo that integrates with our live agents. This will be helpful in achieving our goal of on-demand servicing of our customers in the future.
  • We adjusted our service team‚Äôs hours this past Saturday, to better work through email and chat queues of questions. Ultimately, this will help us answer our customers faster when they need us.
  • Our design, product and CX team collaborated on a new app and customer portal design, launching within the coming weeks.
  • We switched our refund functionality from manual to automated so our customers can get paid back faster when qualifying for a refund

More to come!

Apr 23, 2021
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