True to the breed’s nature, Janet and Paul’s five-year-old Golden Retriever, Delaney, is always eager to please.

“She just wants to be with my husband and I all the time,” gushed Janet.

Unfortunately, this devotion made Delaney quite distraught when her mom became injured, causing the Golden to require urgent care herself.

“Janet hurt her back and was lying on the floor. Delaney immediately laid on the floor beside her,” Paul said proudly.

Paul rushed his wife to the hospital where she was treated and remained for a few days. The couple made arrangements for their daughter to come take care of their furry child in the meantime. Stressed and not knowing where her parents were, Delaney took on the Christmas garland with Grinch-like fervor.

“Delaney never showed interest in the decorations in previous years,” Paul puzzled.

When their daughter arrived, she discovered remnants of the garland all over the floor and immediately called her parents. Leaving Janet’s side to care for Delaney, Paul hurried the pup to their trusted veterinarian and then the emergency room twenty minutes away.

X-rays and a 14” incision later, Delaney’s stomach was devoid of any holiday cheer. She was prescribed medication for both the pain and to keep her calm for complication-free healing.

When everything was said and done, Delaney’s family found themselves with a $3,409 vet bill. Combined with Janet’s medical bills, it was financially overwhelming. Luckily, Petplan reimbursed $2,568 of the cost to treat Delaney!

Delaney the golden retriever for Petplan

How pet insurance helped 

Many pet parents don’t hear about convincing stories like Delaney’s. Janet and Paul themselves had to learn firsthand just how devastating it can be to not have a pet insured when a previous Golden Retriever ate a pair of knee-high stockings and required care totaling close to $5,000. While the duo moved forward with the care, not every family has the means to do so.

When the couple brought Delaney home, there was no question she would be protected with comprehensive pet insurance. They asked family and friends who they trusted protecting their pets - and that’s how the rest is history!

Janet and Paul may not be taking any chances when it comes to decorating with garland this year, but the two have the peace of mind that only Petplan protection can provide.

Do you have a story to share about how Petplan saved your pet? We’d love to hear! Message us on Facebook for a shot at being featured.

Dec 5, 2019

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