In 2008, Lauren, who works primarily as an actress, booked a modeling gig for a morning show segment. She noticed the following piece on hypoallergenic pets featured a few adoptable pups, including The Anti-Cruelty Society’s 1-year-old Schnoodle, George.

Lauren was instantly smitten. After that, George enjoyed a peripatetic lifestyle, flying and traveling from one set to the next. He also enjoyed his role as a service dog.

“He used to visit libraries where kids would read to him, but with his recent medical needs, I’ve been very cautious about bringing him around people,” Lauren reflected.

Heartbreaking medical needs

It wasn’t uncommon for Lauren to spend around $1,000 a year on routine care and peace-of-mind check-ins. But during her family’s Thanksgiving trip to Florida, it became obvious George would require more medical care and lifestyle changes.

After breathing heavily and collapsing, George was rushed to the closest emergency clinic where he stayed for a few days to be treated for a heart failure. Lauren’s pet seemed to fully recover until she moved apartments and the stressful change triggered yet another heart failure, and another pricy vet bill!

“It’s very expensive to have a specialist for a dog, much like how it is with humans. Every time you go, it starts at $1,200.”

The veterinarian team informed Lauren the Stage C heart failure gave her best friend no more than 6 months to live. Not long after, a third heart failure struck and their trusted cardiologist, Animal Medical Center‘s Dr. Kramer, told Lauren some troubling news: George could expect many more heart failures if he did not undergo a mitral valve repair.

Knowing she was backed by pet insurance, Lauren didn’t hesitate to say yes to the necessary surgery and post-op care. Five repaired heart chords later, her cuddly companion seemed to be doing much better!

“His heart is amazing now. He’s running around and jumping like a puppy again,” his very relived dog mom chuckled.

On the road to recovery

George is breathing easier and not coughing, but still requires many follow-up appointments to monitor his recovery. At his 3-month post-op visit, diagnostics were required to investigate the growing mass on his bum.

Again, Petplan was there to help with the bill, allowing Lauren and her veterinarian team to focus on treating the anal gland tumor.

“The biopsy came back inconclusive, but they thought it was safer just to remove the growth." He had to stay in the hospital after his surgery which led to another bill – close to $8,000!

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What made Lauren protect with pet insurance?

Lauren was inspired to enroll in dog insurance after witnessing a friend struggle to pay for her own dog’s surgery.

“I enrolled in Petplan because I would never want to be in the position where I have to choose between him and my life savings. When George turned 5, we got Petplan. We didn’t really need it until the last two years, but I am so thankful we did!”

Of the $13,697 Lauren has claimed, Petplan reimbursed $11,375! We’re so glad she trusted Petplan to protect her best friend.

Do you have a story to share about how Petplan saved your pet? We’d love to hear! Message us on Facebook for a shot at being featured.

Apr 30, 2020

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