Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re Irish or not, there’s still a lot of fun to be had today – after all, who doesn’t love Shamrock Shakes and green beer? To celebrate the “luck of the Irish,” here are some tales of lucky pets, as only Petplan can tell them!

The Serendipitous Shelter Alum

After two previous adopters returned Uluru (Uli) to the shelter for being too energetic, animal trainer (and Petplan Guest Blogger!) Nicole Larocco took a chance on the 8-month-old Australian Cattle Dog. Using her training talents, Nicole transformed Uli from a dog nobody wanted into one everybody wishes they had. Six-year-old Uli now competes in obedience, rally and agility, and loves hiking and other outdoor adventures with her mom, new dad, Tim (Nicole was married in November) and four-legged brother Porterhouse, a Border Collie mix. Because of the injury risks athletic dogs like Uli and Porterhouse face, Nicole protects them with pet insurance. So whether at work or at play, they’ll stay in the game – and Nicole won’t have to slow down to worry about paying for treatment. What lucky pups!

The Blessed Bloodhoud

Pumpkin, a one-year-old Bloodhound, lives with three canine siblings: a trio of English Bulldogs. But despite their reputation for health troubles, it is Pumpkin who has taken it on the chin (or in her case, the ears!) when it comes to her health. Pet parent Amity has helped this 126-lb. cuddle bug battle recurring otitis externa, an itchy, uncomfortable condition that’s hard to permanently cure. But it’s not just her ears that have been giving Pumpkin problems – in her short life she’s also had cherry eye, demodex and pyoderma! “We would be bankrupt if it hasn’t been for Petplan,” says pet parent Amity (Petplan covered more than $3,598 for Pumpkin’s care last year). “I’ve had Bulldogs my whole life, but with Pumpkin I wasn’t sure what to expect, so we took every precaution – and we’re lucky we did!”

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The Greyhound Who Got a Break

With speed to burn, 7-year-old Greyhound Plucky was born to run – but it’s his health that keeps his pet parent Vanessa racing. Two years ago, a checkup at the vet revealed severe dental disease. Curing it cost Plucky all but a few teeth – and over $3,200 in treatment. Soon after, Plucky was diagnosed with lymphoma, a common canine cancer. The care – coupled with the costs of managing Plucky’s chronic Type-1 diabetes – pushed vet bills into the five figure range. Fortunately, Plucky is protected with Petplan, which has reimbursed more than $24,000 in the past five years. All told, Vanessa says Plucky is doing well. “His coat’s turned salt and pepper from cancer treatments, and he doesn’t really see that well, but he still thinks he’s a puppy, and we’re not about to tell him otherwise.”

Mar 18, 2014

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