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Pet Health

Ear infections in pets

Learn more about one of the most common health problems that triggers a pet owner to bring their dog or cat to the veterinary clinic for a visit.
Pet Health

Signs and treatment options for knee injuries in dogs

Knee injuries in dogs are a common problem many pet owners face over the course of their pet's life.
Pet Care

Incorporating your pets into disaster preparedness plans

As a pet parent, you're used to planning ahead for your pet, but would you be prepared to evacuate in the case of a disaster?
Pet Care

No fleas, please: how to protect your pets and home against fleas

Anyone who has ever battled fleas in their home knows what I mean when I say DO NOT skimp on flea prevention.
Pet Health

Corn cob ingestion in pets

Corn cobs are the perfect size and shape to lodge in the intestine and cause all sorts of unwanted trouble.
Pet Health

A closer look at feline facial pruritis

For my cat, it started with a little redness around his eyes. Within a few days, his entire face looked inflamed, and I noticed him constantly rubbing his face with his paws.
Pet Health

Rheumatoid arthritis in pets

As you might have guessed, this condition involves the immune system mounting an attack against components of the bodyÔÇÖs joints.
Pet Health

Lupus in dogs

Systemic lupus erythematosus (often reduced to lupus or SLE) is an autoimmune disease that can be very widespread.

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