advice for selecting a pet sitter or boarding facility

Posted by Dr. Jules Benson on Sep 04 2009


Your furriest family members don’t know it yet, but they have other plans for the holiday weekend. But don’t feel too bad for them. While you skip out of town, your dogs and cats will live it up. Thanks to a broad selection of pet care options, your little darlings have their pick of quality care. Perhaps they’d enjoy the comforts of home with a private staff on call. Or maybe, a cushy pet spa with in-room massage and treat service is more their style.



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Here are some more tips to get you started on your search:



Ask Around the Dog Park. Tap pet people for their trusted pet care resources. Your dog’s park pals may have a great pet-sitter, or kennel your dog will love. Get a few contact numbers and start calling around to pet care providers that come well-referred.

Pop in. If you’re considering a pet care kennel or boarding facility, plan to stop by to meet the staff and tour the grounds. Splashy websites and brochures can be deceiving. First, check to see that the facility is licensed by the state. Then take a look around to see that it’s clean, comfortable and well-secured. By actually visiting you’ll get a feel for the place – everything from temperature, to supervision, to layout can make a difference in your decision.

Get the Details. What are the reservation and cancellation policies? How does the staff handle emergencies? Do they require vaccination records for all the pets? Take the time to ask questions about the facility’s policies and specifics concerning your pets’ stay. For example, you may want to know if your dog will get one-on-one playtime, or private time away from the other animals.

Pack Your Pets. Aside from your pets’ favorite blanket and toys, pack along their vaccination records, their veterinarian’s contact information, and a phone number where you can be reached while out of town. The boarding facility or pet-sitter should request all this information from you before taking responsibility for your pets.

At Petplan pet insurance, your pet’s health and well-being is our top priority. That’s why we recommend taking your time to find the right boarding or pet-sitter match for your pet’s needs. This way, you can rest assured that your pets are safe and happy until you’re together again… at last.

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