why one family switched from nationwide to petplan

See Why One Pet Parent Switched From Nationwide to Petplan | pet owners on bed with their pet Pugs
Posted by fetch! blog editors on May 27 2020

When Amy and her husband Sean adopted June Pug, a beautiful Fawn Pug, they knew they wanted to protect their furry family member with pet insurance. The two settled on a Nationwide pet insurance policy as it was offered through Sean’s work benefits. However when the couple brought home eight-month-old Oliver, a rare Brindle Pug, they sought better protection.

“We didn't feel enough was being covered and our costs jumped significantly with a second dog. We had researched five or six different insurance providers before landing on Petplan. It was the best coverage at a reasonable price point,” explained Amy.

Save more with Petplan

Other pet insurance providers may initially look less expensive, but you’ll actually save more throughout your pet’s life with Petplan.

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“When we had Nationwide, we were questioning the charge every month and asking ourselves if it was worth it. Since switching to Petplan, we don't even think twice about our monthly premium; we know that our pets are in good hands if anything were to happen.”

One thing to consider when switching is that no pet insurance provider will cover pre-existing conditions. This means if your pet develops a health condition before you switch or before the new policy’s waiting periods are over, your pet’s treatment will not be covered. In Amy’s case, this didn’t impact her overall expenses.

“Oliver's allergies are not being covered with Petplan because we enrolled after he first showed signs. But that's not a huge deal considering Nationwide didn't even cover allergy medication in the first place,” Amy chuckled.

Should Darcy and June Pug develop allergies like Oliver, Petplan will cover up to 90% of the costs. From the complete sick vet visit to the allergy testing and prescription medication, the most comprehensive coverage will save Amy’s family more money than if she had stayed with Nationwide.

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Shopping for better pet protection

As Amy and Sean will tell you, it’s never too early to start thinking about pet insurance. You may think young pets have a lower risk of getting injured or an illness, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“When we just had June, we didn't think it mattered to just choose Nationwide, because we thought the risk of something happening was low. Our third Pug Darcy taught us that was simply not the case when she needed extensive surgery at just 6 months. We were very happy to have her covered with Petplan.”

Before you enroll in a policy, the couple strongly encourages you to do your research first. Take time to compare providers and carefully read the terms and conditions before you decide what’s best for your family.

“Now that the dogs are older and our pack has grown, Petplan just seemed like the best fit for us. It covers everything we need and isn't costing us as much as Nationwide used to (for less coverage). If you love your animals enough to consider pet insurance, it's worth doing research to find the right plan for your family before settling on an option solely based on convenience.”

When it came to Petplan vs. Nationwide pet insurance, there’s no question which provider offers the best protection.

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