mixed breed breed information

A mixed breed dog is just what it sounds like - a mix of one or more different types of breeds. For the most part, the history of a mixed breed dog’s ancestry is not known, but guesses can be made for the parent breeds based on the dog’s appearance. Tracing a mixed breed’s family tree back any farther than that is a difficult to impossible task.

A small-sized mixed breed dog weighs less than 20 pounds. Medium-sized mixed breed dogs weigh between 21 to 50 lbs. Large-sized mixed breed dogs weigh more than 50 lbs. Because dogs inherit characteristics from either or both parents, and in the case of a mixed breed dog the parents may be unknown, it is difficult to predict their temperament.

Due in part to their “hybrid vigor”, mixed breed dogs tend to be less prone to as many genetic diseases as their full breed cousins, but they can still develop hereditary and congenital conditions. To learn which conditions might affect your small, medium or large mixed breed dog, visit their specific breed profile pages.

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Use the condition checker tool to learn what common conditions your pet may have.

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