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Background and Practice:

Dr. Corinne Majeska received her BS from Pennsylvania State University, her Masters of Science (MSc) from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK, and her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Majeska founded Companion Animal Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, in 2009. It was built using the most environmentally advanced and friendly materials and architectural processes. It is a “paperless” practice and features a “green roof.” The hospital has two full-time vets and a part-time exotics specialist, plus eight technicians, four receptionists, a groomer and a grooming assistant.

Dr. Majeska’s areas of veterinary interest are preventative medicine and client education, soft tissue surgery, dentistry and stem cell therapy. Among the diagnostic and treatment tools the hospital features are digital X-ray, digital dental X-ray, a Class IV therapeutic laser and an in-house CBC (complete blood count) and chemistry machine. Additionally, one of the vets is certified in animal Reiki and will use that to help calm some patients while they are hospitalized.

Why Her Nomination Stood Out:
Dr. Majeska received several nominations, and they all described the level of care they received from her as “incredible.” “If only my own doctors’ office cared about me the way Companion cares for our furry children. They always, always send a follow up e-mail after every appointment, vaccination, grooming or phone call. I have a neighbor who recently had her dog in for surgery and they would e-mail her pictures post-op to show that her baby was doing ok. They truly care.”

Additionally, clients were impressed by the commitment Dr. Majeska has to the environment. “They are really conscious about their footprint they are leaving on the world. Dr. Majeska definitely deserves to receive this award for the wonderful vet practice that she is running.”

In Her Words:
What is the most exciting advancement in veterinary medicine in the past 5 years?
“I am thrilled that we are moving away from annual vaccination. I know that may not be exciting for many, but I think it is helping us to move away from the type of client/vet relationship that only involves ‘giving the shots’ and brings us to the idea that veterinarians are their pets’ pediatrician – pets really are becoming like children to so many people, and a thorough and well-explained physical exam does much more for them that just ‘poking’ and moving on.”

What is the most exciting/needed advancement on the horizon?
“I am very excited for stem cell therapy to become more commonplace. I am (slowly) working my way through continuing education about it, and am looking forward to bringing it to my practice. The idea of being able to relieve pain without causing pain (surgery) is very exciting. There is a saying that ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ What, 20 or 30 years ago, was once considered magic is now something that can be performed on a routine basis.”

What has been your greatest challenge, to date, in your professional career?
“I have had to learn to not take everything so personally. When I was working emergency, it was easier to leave a case as a case, give them the care that they needed and then expect that they would follow up with their regular vet as needed. Not that I was impersonal or uncaring, but I was removed (especially when I was only doing a shift here or there). Owning my own practice, not only do I follow my cases closely and worry about their well-being, but I feel it when something is wrong in the hospital – if we are out of stock of a client’s food, if a phone call was accidentally dropped, or if there is a smudge on the wall. I was really driving myself to distraction worrying about all of the little things, and it has taken a lot of work to relax a little. I have an amazing support staff around me, and they take as much pride in the hospital as I do; having that type of staff, a family, has allowed me to take a breath and slowed the progression of gray hairs a bit.”

A Bit of Fun:
Favorite human treat? Bailey’s Irish Cream over Natural Vanilla Ice cream

Favorite role model? My mother, Jenness Majeska. She was an amazing woman who was always there for me. She juggled a career and a family with grace while I was growing up, and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought it for eight years, but always kept a positive attitude with herself and the people around her. She promised me that she had lived her life with no regrets, and the fact that I believe she meant it is what makes her my role model.

Funniest pet name you’ve heard? Dr. Chuckie Pizzaface, Esquire

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