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You're committed to giving pets the best possible care.
Petplan helps your clients afford it.

As a veterinary professional, you are dedicated to doing whatever you can to ensure compliance so that pets consistently get the very best care. Did you know that insured pet parents visit their veterinary clinic 30% more often than uninsured pet parents?*

Petplan is more than America’s best-loved veterinary pet insurance. We provide full coverage for all congenital, hereditary and chronic conditions as standard.*

Best of all, with Petplan, there are no complicated benefit schedules. We reimburse our policyholders what you charge, plain and simple.* Don’t your clients (and their pets!) deserve Petplan? 
  • From our ultimate support program to brochure refills to additional magazine requests, order your free Petplan vet insurance materials, online, anytime.

  • In honor of everything you do to help our pets when they need it most, Petplan is delighted to offer veterinary professionals a 10% discount on your pet insurance plan.
  • What is veterinary pet insurance? Can it help my clients' pets? Can Petplan help my practice? Get the scoop on Petplan pet insurance in a free live webinar. 

policies by AGCS Marine Insurance Company, an Allianz company

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