game changers

Over the course of your pet’s lifetime, you’ll rack up hours of fun and frolic, which helps both of you bond and relax. But when your pet grows tired of her favorite pastimes, try adding a new page to your playbook:

incorporate obedience: While practicing commands may feel like work to you, your dog probably begs to differ. Use praise and tiny bites of healthy treats to keep your dog motivated.

make a date: Arrange a play date with your dog’s best buddy, and be sure to stay nearby to supervise the romp.

play hide and seek: A fun, new way to practice commands! Put your dog in a “sit-stay,” and then hide. When you’re hidden, ask your dog to “come.” He’ll delight in finding you (especially if treats are involved!).

take a hike: Fall and early winter are perfect times to take in colorful foliage and enjoy cooler temperatures.

rotate toys: Change up your play time by rotating toys — feathers on a string one day, laser pointer the next.

Inclement weather posing a problem? Take the games indoors by ditching the boring food bowl and setting up an indoor kibble hunt or obstacle course instead. And don’t forget, cats can learn tricks, too, so when she tires of toys, try teaching your feline friend to “sit!”