playing it safe

playing it safe

Play builds healthy bodies and minds. But whether your pet is chasing a Frisbee® or a laser beam, supervision is essential to ensure playtime stays safe.


take charge of toytime

No toy is the perfect plaything. One dog may mouth a stuffed toy, while another shreds it in seconds, leading to choking hazards or foreign body ingestion. Cat toy strings can tie up trouble, potentially leading to life-threatening bowel perforation. Check toys often to make sure they’re intact, and stow them away when playtime ends.


beat the heat

Temperatures are falling, but long sessions playing in the sun can still affect pets in fur coats. Offer plenty of water, and take frequent frolic breaks. In particular, brachycephalic (smoosh-faced) breeds and overweight and elderly pets are more prone to overexertion, so keep a close watch and call time on your game when your pet starts panting.


manage the mob

It’s easy to relax at the dog park. But that’s actually when you should be most vigilant. Even best friends can get into scuffles when they’re excited or become possessive over a toy or treat. Call regular “time outs” to keep play from escalating, leave the yummies at home, and always keep an eye on your pet’s body language.


By running health hazard interference, you’ll help your pet get the most out of playtime and avoid going down for the count.