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Our expenses for this last surgery have exceeded $3,700 and Petplan has reimbursed me with no questions asked. Thanks to Petplan, we have been able to completely focus on our boy’s recovery.

— Kathy P., Petplan protected

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fast, no hassle claims

Sometimes it feels like insurance companies look for reasons to deny your claim. What if they instead looked for ways to approve your claim — and did it with a smile?

Petplan is a different kind of pet insurance provider

we pay claims fast

We promise to reimburse you within 30 days of receiving a completed claim — although we’re proud to consistently pay claims long before that!

with you every step of the way

Caring for a sick or injured pet is hard. Our Happiness Managers are here to offer an encouraging word while guiding you through the claims process.

coverage you can count on

Petplan provides full coverage for all hereditary and chronic conditions, as standard. And your rate will never increase because you make a claim!

we’re North America’s best-loved pet insurance provider for a reason

If your vet recommends it, Petplan covers it. We pay claims every day for exam fees, diagnostic treatments, surgery and every form of cancer — as well as prescription medications, rehabilitation, alternative and behavioral therapies and more!

Our 3-year-old Yorkie, Paisley’s knee kept popping out and she was limping. Surgery was the only way to fix it. I got the surgery pre-authorized so I knew exactly how much our part to pay would be. Petplan came through and paid $1,661 within three weeks of her surgery. I’m so happy we picked Petplan.

— Jill, Petplan protected

Use the Petplan App for paperless claims, anywhere — even the vet’s office!

Pre-authorization is available before committing to a treatment.

Our Claims Adjusters are vet techs who speak your vet’s language.

30%–40% of all claims are for chronic conditions that last 12 months or more!

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† According to Petplan claims data, 2010.

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