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What does Petplan pet insurance cover?

Petplan helps pay for veterinary care to treat injuries and unexpected illnesses, including hereditary and chronic conditions. Whatever a veterinarian recommends to treat your pet, it’s covered.

Does Petplan cover pre-existing conditions?

Pet insurance — no matter who the provider — cannot cover conditions that were present or showing clinical signs or symptoms before a policy is in place or during the policy waiting periods. But unlike other providers, Petplan does distinguish between incurable and curable pre-existing conditions, and will reinstate coverage for curable conditions once an exclusionary period has passed. So while an incurable condition like diabetes would always be excluded from coverage, Petplan will cover curable conditions like a UTI, an ear infection or periodontal disease after a certain length of time passes with no recurrence.

What do veterinarians say about Petplan?

Veterinarians love Petplan because our comprehensive coverage allows them to practice their best medicine without worrying about clients’ budgets.

“Petplan allows me to pursue the latest innovations in medicine to provide pets with the very best care. Pet insurance promises saving lives from economic euthanasia, and no more cutting corners by substituting less effective treatments and not exploring alternative modalities and medications to save a few dollars.”Ernie Ward, Jr., DVM, veterinarian and owner of Seaside Animal Care, North Carolina

“Veterinary medicine is struggling to provide the best healthcare possible to pets while giving pet owners viable options for handling the expense of treatment. None of us ever want to see pets denied care because of financial constraints. Petplan is a powerful tool for overcoming this problem.”Andy Roark, DVM, MS, Veterinarian

What if I start a policy later than 48 hours after my last Banfield® visit?

You’re still eligible for coverage — and a up to 20% discount — but standard waiting periods will apply when you start your policy. The six month exclusion of cruciate and patella disease can still be waived; all you have to do is have a veterinarian certify that your pet’s knees are healthy within the first 30 days of the policy. The results of this knee exam will be included as part of your pet’s baseline of health.

Are there waiting periods?

Yes — but there don’t have to be! Waiting periods are: 5 days for injuries, 15 days for illnesses and six months for cruciate and patella disease. But since you’re a Banfield® Optimum Wellness Plan® member, your waiting periods can be waived if you enroll in Petplan within 48 hours of your last exam by a Banfield® veterinarian.

I have a Banfield® Optimum Wellness Plan®. Why would I also want Petplan pet insurance?

You’ve started your pet off on the right paw by buying an Optimum Wellness Plan® that includes routine and preventive care to help keep him healthy. Unfortunately, accidents and unforeseen illnesses can and do happen — which is where Petplan comes in! Petplan provides additional protection and peace of mind by covering new illnesses and injuries. By having an Optimum Wellness Plan® and Petplan pet insurance, you can protect your pet and your budget. Your Optimum Wellness Plan® includes preventive care to help keep your pet healthy, and Petplan is there when health hiccups happen.

What do other pet owners say about Petplan?

Pet owners appreciate Petplan’s friendly customer service, fast claims process, and above all, the fact that our coverage gives them peace of mind knowing that they can always provide the best possible care for their furry family.

“Our almost 2-year-old orange tabby, Oliver, came up lame one night with a broken femoral head. Surgery was the only solution. As terrible as the news was, I was relieved as I had both my cats covered with Petplan. The coverage is great, but the intangibles Petplan provides are the best. To top the amazing service, every communication we had with someone at Petplan began with them asking, ‘How is Oliver feeling?’ It’s these small gestures that go a long way.”Alex T., Philadelphia, PA

“I would not have been able to pay for my dog’s major stomach surgery and medications if it had not been for Petplan – they really did save her life!”Dana E., Sachse, TX

“My German Shepherd developed epilepsy at age 2 and I don’t know what we would have done without our insurance. We have finally found medications that appear to be working to control her seizures, but it’s a long road with ongoing costs. Petplan makes it possible for us to provide the best possible support to this young and vibrant dog.”Beverly K., Boulder, CO

“One of my dogs has kidney disease for the rest of her life. With Petplan, I can give her all the care she needs and deserves. We would never own a pet without pet insurance.”Dave and Cathy H., New Milford, NJ

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