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Life’s ruff. We’re here to lend a helping paw.

Your pet’s health and safety is our top priority. In addition to providing pet insurance coverage you can count on, we’re also committed to giving you everything you need to keep your best friends healthy and happy.

From our blog, where you will find vet-authored tips to protect your pets, to our handy vet locator which helps you find a great veterinarian no matter where you are, to our breed condition checker which reveals the hereditary conditions that might affect your pet, you’ll find all the info you need on pet health, safety, wellness and more.

For more treats, take a peek at our award-winning magazine and subscribe to our newsletter to get pet care advice delivered to your inbox every month! 
  • From the clinic to the dog park and beyond, Petplan's vet experts break pet health advice down into byte-sized bites.
  • Whether you're a new pet parent, new to town, or headed out for adventure, use our handy tool to map the nearest vets!
  • Bumps and bruises sting but unexpected vet bills for hereditary or congenital conditions can really hurt. See what breed-specific ailments can affect your pet, and your pocketbook.
  • If knowledge is power, why not be the most powerful pet parent in the world? Arm yourself against potential health perils with helpful tips in fetch! magazine.*

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