Petplan vs. Pets Best

You probably didn't welcome your pet into your family without doing some research first - so why should pet health insurance be any different? To help you out with your decision, we've dug up the dirt on a few other pet insurance providers to show you why Petplan is heads and tails above the rest.

When it comes to protecting your pet, any insurance is better than none at all. And while Pets Best offers some great benefits to help keep your furry family members safe, there are still a number of places where Petplan has the upper paw.

Veterinary exam fees and office visits aren't free (and they certainly aren't cheap!), so why shouldn't they be covered by pet insurance? With Petplan, all exams and office fees (including sales tax) are covered standard under every plan, which can really save your tail — especially if you've got a pet who develops a chronic condition, which make up 40 percent of Petplan's total claims.

Petplan and Pets Best both offer dental insurance, which is important because dental bills can really bite into your budget. But while Petplan's coverage is simple and truly comprehensive, Pets Best has complicated restrictions and limitations that may only cover part of a procedure (e.g. while an extraction may be covered, the anesthesia cost may not), or even exclude your pet from coverage. At Petplan, we make it easy: dental insurance is covered — and that's the whole "tooth."

Take a deep breath and clear your chakras: Pets Best doesn't provide coverage for acupuncture or herbal and holistic therapies and medications, physical therapy or rehabilitative services, leaving you to figure out what's covered and what's not on your basic plan. If you want those extra benefits at Pets Best, you'll have to pay extra. Petplan covers all holistic and alternative medicines from licensed veterinarians with every plan, and at no extra charge — giving you the option to treat your pet the way you like.

Pets need prescriptions too, but sometimes the price can be a tough pill to swallow. Petplan understands that, so all of our plans cover medications at no extra charge to help your furry friends get well — and stay that way. Pets Best has a complicated formulary list of approved medications, which limits how you can medicate your pet, which we don't think is fair to Fido or Fluffy (or you). So rest assured that if your pet needs an RX, you'll get the OK from Petplan.

Petplan believes that pet insurance should be affordable to all pet parents, so we offer a broad range of deductible and reimbursement choices, enrollment at a younger age and flexible coverage that works for your budget. Pets Best places limits on (or even excludes) some older pets, or pets with previous conditions, and offers less overall flexibility. This can really affect your monthly rate — or fence you in financially if catastrophic (or doggone high) vet bills do hit.

Pets Best's 8.8 positive approval rating on and customer service hours are nothing to sniff at, but Petplan still comes out a tail's length ahead with an impressive 9.1 positive review rating, 1300 more reviews and on-demand customer service seven days a week (after all, emergencies don't take Sunday off, so why should your pet insurance company?). That makes it pretty clear: with top-rated 24-7 customer service, an A+ underwriter financial stability rating and over 40 years of pet insurance know-how to back us up, Petplan is your pet's best bet — paws down.