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Petplan's Unique Pet Themed Office Attracts Top Talent


Innovative approach demonstrates Petplan’s commitment to pet health and attracts passionate employees

PHILADELPHIA (July 25, 2011) – The doorbell barks, excited canines scurry through the hall and a flurry of wagging tails greets visitors at Petplan’s corporate headquarters. The unbridled zeal shared by pets and pet parents spills over into corporate culture at the company’s office, just steps away from Philadelphia International Airport. That’s because many employees at Petplan, America’s top rated pet insurance provider, work alongside their four-legged companions. It’s a unique policy that’s helps attract the best talent, boosts morale and reinforces the company’s core value of pet health.

"As a company that strives to attract a cohesive team with a lifelong passion for pets and their wellbeing, it is only fitting that our office embodies this commitment to pet health,” says Natasha Ashton, Co-Founder of Petplan. “However, creating the kind of environment where employees thrive takes more than a dog-friendly office. We strive to show our appreciation of the exceptional work of our employees through personalized treat jars, cupcake celebrations for professional accomplishments and by allowing our employees to work from home when they need to. We can’t expect our employees to care about our policyholders, and their pet’s health, if we don’t extend that same care to them and their pets. This philosophy transcends throughout our entire company and is one of the major factors why we are the top rated pet insurance provider each year.”

In the past three years, despite a sluggish economy, Petplan has tripled its Philadelphia-based workforce and its gross written premiums have risen by more than 2,200 percent. “Petplan is proof that passion, strong leadership and a dedicated workforce can help businesses grow and become market leaders,” comments Natasha. “We are constantly working to improve upon the products and services we offer our policyholders, and are committed to investing in technology to facilitate customer service. We are looking to bring two new IT Managers on board to raise the bar yet again.”

Look around at the fast-growing pet insurance provider’s bustling facility and there are reminders everywhere that this is not a typical corporate office, with water bowls beside desks, pet silhouettes and pet-themed clocks on the walls and coat hooks shaped like pet tails in the lobby. Petplan’s pet-friendly work policy is a unique perk that helps the company stay creative, decreases absenteeism and improves relationships between employees and managers.

"At Petplan, we're encouraged to bring our pets to the office every day,” says Amy Bellingrath, Happiness Manager. “Having all these happy pets here not only adds fun to the work day, but gives us a greater sense of empathy when speaking with policyholders about their pets.”

For more information about Petplan and pet insurance, please visit www.GoPetplan.com.


As America's top-rated pet insurance provider, Petplan, through one or more licensed insurers, offers customizable policies to meet any coverage requirements and budget for pets of all/any age.  The policies offered by Petplan cover all hereditary and congenital conditions for the life of the pet – without dollar limits per condition. For information, visit www.GoPetplan.com or call 1-866-467-3875.


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