a happy tail

a happy tail
Posted by on Jun 03 2014

Looking for a blissful best friend? Look no further than the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, often referred to as the “happy breed” because of her outgoing, energetic nature and constantly wagging tail. If only being happy guaranteed good health!

“I went looking for a PBGV because I wanted a healthy dog,” admits Jean, pet parent to Zoe. “Turns out, I got the happy one instead!”

Zoe quickly took to agility, which became her favorite form of play until she was sidelined by a shoulder injury, starting her on a long journey of surgery and rehab. Earlier this year, she was finally able to forego pain medication in favor of alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy, laser treatments and acupuncture. The treatments have helped restore Zoe’s spirits — and her pet insurance is doing the same for her mom’s budget, since Zoe’s treatment is covered.

“Living on Long Island, expenses add up quickly,” admits Jean. “I’m so glad I have Petplan to help.” Zoe’s treatment isn’t over, but Jean is relieved to see her happy dog becoming a healthier one, too.

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$12,853 for treatment of bursitis, tendonitis and a urinary tract infection

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