"tails" from fetch!

just keep swimming

just keep swimming

When it comes to sink or swim, Annie always paddles through. “She’s very stoic and strong,” says mom Lisa. “She’s definitely the alpha of our other two dogs — but she’s also so gentle and sweet!” Annie’s strength was on full display when she slipped on some wet grass, tearing her right cruciate ligament. Even a cast and splint couldn’t keep her from what she really loves: swimming.

Fitted with a waterproof sleeve, Annie hit the water not only for kicks, but also for hydrotherapy. With instruction from an animal physical therapist, the family’s pool became a healing oasis. Annie thrived on the low-impact doggy paddle and was back to playing on land in no time — although she’d still much prefer to make a splash!

10-year-old polish lowland sheepdog

lives in
lansdale, pa

unexpected tail
$2,617 for treatment of a torn cruciate ligament