the long and winding road

the long and winding road
Posted by on May 24 2011

Life is hopefully a long and winding road for our pets — one that’s not beset by anything more than a bump or bruise here and there (or in an ideal world, just hugs and kisses!). For eight wonderful years, that’s exactly what life was like for Kobe. He licked Lyme’s disease as a puppy, and out-jumped a limp in his front leg at seven (thanks to medication and rest). But at eight, he was hit with something much more serious: a cancerous rectal tumor. The good news was the tumor was diagnosed early, and surgery to remove it was an option. The bad news was that it was going to be expensive. Thankfully, when faced with something that would cost Kobe his life or the Higleys a small fortune, the family didn’t have to think twice.

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$6,500 for removal of cancerous tumor

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