a penny saved

a penny saved
Posted by on Sep 27 2016

What Penny lacks in leg, she makes up for in heart. She was in an accident before she was adopted, leaving her with just three legs and a lot of love for the humans who took care of her. “She hardly ever leaves my side,” says mom Cara. So when Cara began working longer hours, Penny became stressed, going anywhere but the litter box.

“Because I have pet insurance, I didn’t think twice about taking her to the vet,” says Cara, but the workup didn’t show any underlying conditions. “I tried giving Penny more toys and perches to keep her happy at home, and she comes to work with me some days!” With the extra affection, Penny is back in the box.


2-year-old domestic shorthair

lives in

Phoenixville, PA

unexpected tail

$434 for inappropriate urination