play it by heart

play it by heart
Posted by on Dec 04 2013

As a first-time pet parent, Rebecca couldn’t have asked for a better best friend than Doris, her adopted Staffordshire Bull Terrier, whose charismatic appearance underscores the gentle kindness inside. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always play by the rules.

“It’s tough being a Staffie Bull Terrier parent,” admits Rebecca, who has dealt with harsh comments and people crossing the street to avoid the duo at times.

Misunderstanding isn’t the only obstacle they’ve faced. In just two years, Doris has suffered a heart murmur and a bout of pancreatitis. Thankfully, a good portion of her treatment costs were reimbursed by Petplan. Most recently, Doris was attacked by another dog during a walk around the block, a scary incident that required surgery and stitches.

Despite the recent scuffle, Doris is happy, healthy and sweet as ever. “She loves our cats, and especially loves giving kisses to kids,” beams Rebecca. “I couldn’t think of a better breed ambassador.”

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$2,510 for treatment of a heart murmur, pancreatitis and dog bite

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