rumor has it

rumor has it
Posted by on Feb 16 2012

As a pet parent, Lisa knows that hindsight is 20/20. When she brought home Rumor, the granddaughter of her first champion Rhodesian Ridgeback, she wasted no time in protecting her with Petplan.

“Rumor was a litter of one,” recalls Lisa. “So I knew there were going to be some challenges ahead.” Sure enough, Rumor began developing health problems at only one year of age, and over the years has encountered her fair share of trouble. She’s battled through close calls with pancreatitis and tangled with groundhogs in the backyard, but thankfully has never suffered any serious injuries or illnesses.

As an only pup, she’s also had to learn how to be social with other dogs. “At the dog park, she plays the role of ‘play police,’” laughs Lisa, “but she’s learning.” Luckily, Rumor fares much better around her two-legged friends and as a therapy dog enjoys volunteering her time at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“She’s always around children, so her health is incredibly important. Petplan gives us that peace of mind.”

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