stealing a smile

stealing a smile
Posted by on May 21 2013

With speed to burn, Plucky was born to run — to the couch, that is!

“My husband and I fight over who has to get up because Plucky always steals the seat,” laughs his mom, Vanessa. With seven rescued Greyhounds from Make Peace with Animals in New Hope, PA, the competition for cozy seating keeps everyone on their paws. But it’s Plucky’s health that keeps Vanessa racing.

Two years ago, a checkup at the vet revealed severe dental disease. Treatment cost Plucky all but a few teeth — and his parents over $3,200. Soon after, Plucky was diagnosed with lymphoma, a common canine cancer. The care — coupled with the costs of managing Plucky’s congenital Type-1 diabetes — pushed bills into the five figure-range. Thankfully, Plucky and his siblings are all protected with Petplan, which has reimbursed over $24,000 in the past five years for Plucky alone.

All told, Vanessa says Plucky is doing well. “His coat’s turned salt and pepper from cancer treatments, and he doesn’t really see that well, but he still thinks he’s a puppy, and we’re not about to tell him otherwise.”

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$24,000+ for treatment of periodontal disease, lymphoma and various injuries and illnesses

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