sticking with it

sticking with it
Posted by on May 19 2015

Some pets have a knack for getting into sticky situations – literally! Dillon (who calls the Petplan office his home turf most weekdays) was mid-retrieve when he crashed into a branch hidden in the snow, resulting in what mom Colleen called “a stick explosion.” A stick had scratched his eye, causing a corneal ulcer.

This certainly wasn’t Dillon’s first wipeout. Previously, the playful pup had battled waves of vomiting, diarrhea, food allergies and a fractured dew claw. Though he’s bounced back from all his mishaps, Colleen knows it’s only a matter of time before his next episode. “This is why having pet insurance is so important,” she remarks. “Crazy stuff like this just happens.”


4-month-old shetland sheepdog

lives in
philadelphia, pa

unexpected tail
$670 for vomiting and diarrhea, pruritus, a fractured dew claw and a corneal ulcer